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Free Alltel Ringback Tones

Alltel Wireless ringback tones service enables customers to choose a song or sound that callers will hear while waiting to be connected to the customer. The ringback tone catalogue includes music from a variety of genres including hip hop, rock and country and enhances Alltel’s offerings of other device “customization” products, including, games, ringtones and wallpapers.

How to Buy Alltel Ringback Tones Online

  1. Visit the Alltel website and browse through the available ringback tones to find one you like.
  2. Press the small headphones icon to listen to a preview of what the ringback tone might sound like.
  3. Select a tone by pressing the small “Buy” button located beside its name.
  4. Log in to the ringback service when prompted if you already have a ringback account, or set up a new ringback account by entering your phone number and additional information when requested. Ringback service generally costs $0.99 a month to use, with each ringback tone costing an additional $1.99.
  5. Go into the menu marked “My Ringbacks” to assign ringback tones to selected callers.