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Free Cingular Ringback Tones

Cingular use “answer tones” nickname for their ringback tones.
Answer Tones! Play music to your callers when they are waiting for you to pick up.
With A&T’s answer tone assignment capabilities, you can choose ringtones for each caller.
AT&T makes it easy to download and manage your ringback tones.

How to Buy Cingular Answer Tones

  1. Get Answer Tones: Add to your bookmarks to browse, purchase and manage your Answer Tones.
  2. Browse Answer Tones: From the Shop Answer Tones tab or click on a genre, hit the preview icon to listen to an Answer Tone. Search by Title, Artist or Key word to find an Answer Tone of your choice.
  3. Buy Answer Tones: Click the “buy” button to have the Answer Tone added to your library. Upon initial purchase, please accept the terms & conditions, and you will be automatically signed up for the Answer Tones service.
  4. Manage Answer Tones: After purchasing an Answer Tone, you will be able to assign the Answer Tone, schedule a time for callers to hear it, or continue shopping.