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Free Ringback Tones

Ringback Tones are the audio sounds played by carrier network to the callers before the called user answer de call or the call is diverted to voicemail. The person calling you hears the Ringback Tone

Traditionally, ring back tones were fixed by the service provider and consisted of uninteresting ringing or beeping sounds. Today, personalized ringback tone services, also known as Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT) services in some countries, allow subscribers to select the ring back sounds heard by their callers, giving them an innovative way to differentiate and express themselves to their friends and business contacts through favorite song clips or sounds.

Ringback Tones Nicknames?

Most of the cellphone providers have a different nicknames for Ringback Tones.


  • Verizon – Ringback Tones
  • T-Mobile – CallerTunes
  • Cingular – Answer Tones
  • Sprint – Call Tones


  • Movistar – Yavoy
  • Orange – Divertonos
  • Vodafone – Tonos de espera

Other Countries

  • Vodafone – Caller tunes